Prevents recurrent formation of Kidney stones.
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  • Formulation with high potency active ingredients


Stonaway keeps the urinary tract clean and minimize urolithiasis or formation of Kidney stones. Its potent mix of vitamins, minerals and phytoactives detoxify the urinary tract and flush out impurities to clear the system. The anti-inflammatory, diuretic, lithotriptic (stone-breaking) properties inhibit crystallisation of urine and protects Kidney and Liver. Manage recurrent formation of kidney stones and say goodbye to pain. Stonaway takes that stone and pain away!Direction For Use / Dosage:

Magnesium citrate-375 mg, boerhavia diffusa-200 mg, crataeva nurvala-200 mg, didymocarpus pedicellata-130 mg, bergenia ligulata-100 mg, potassium citrate-100 mg, vitamin B6-50 mg, hemidesmus indicus-26 mg, tribulus terrestris-25 mg, ginkgo biloba extract-20 mg, grape seed extract-10 mg, vitamin K-2 mg

• Prevents recurrent formation of Kidney stones.
• Detoxify urinary tract, flush out impurities and clear the system.
• Synergy of potent phytoactives break stones and flushes it out.
• Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract by preventing UTI.
• Possess anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties.
• Clinically proven ingredients in urolithiasis.
• Acts as Kidney and Liver protector.

1-2 tablets per day or as directed by physician

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