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Key Benefits

  • Bone formation, mineralization and repair
  • Muscle support and rejuvenation of nervous system
  • Relieves tiredness and fatigue
  • Effective for joint pain, osteopenia, osteoporosis, general weakness of muscle and bone due to ageing
  • May help in neurological disorders like Migraine, Alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy

A Unique Formula for Neuromusculoskeletal Recharge.


Macgd3 aids positive progress of decreased bone mineral density, osteopenia, osteoporosis etc. It provides support and strength to bone matrix, teeth, joints, muscles and nerves. Macgd3 contains Magnesium in the most absorbable and friendly form to the gut. The presence of Mg is fundamental to the correct metabolism and use of Vitamin D. The synergistic action of this unique formula revives and rejuvenates the neuromusculoskeletal system. It is the deficiency of Mg and Vitamin D that leads to Hypocalcaemia (state of low calcium in bones) leading to decreased bone mineral density that causes bone pain, tenderness, muscle weakness and difficulty in walking with increased risk of falls and fractures. Get recharged and rejuvenated to be naturally active!

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