The Neuromusculoskeletal Revitaliser

is a potent combination of phytoactives, vitamins and minerals providing support and strength to bone matrix, teeth, joints, muscles and nerves. contains Mg in the most absorbable form and also more friendly to gut than any other forms of Mg. The presence of Mg is fundamental for the correct metabolism and use of Vitamin D. The synergistic action of this unique formula revives and rejuvenates the neuromusculoskeletal system. provides the added benefit of highly efficacious phytoactives which helps therapeutically in conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and also in general debility of muscles and bone due to old age. Revitalise your neuromuscular system with the power of Magnesium and Vitamin D. Let the synergistic strength of Aswagandha and Shallaki improve the strength of your bones and joints. Live active, naturally!

Key Benefits

  • Bone formation, mineralisation and repair
  • Muscle support and nervous system enhancement
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic activity
  • Beneficial in joint pain, arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, general weakness of muscle and bone due to age
  • May help in neurological disorders like migraine, Alzheimers disease, epilepsy

Key Ingredients

Magnesium Glycinate

A form of Magnesium which is highly absorbable for the intestine. Magnesium plays a critical role in bone mineralization, muscle contraction, protein synthesis, nerve impulse transmission, regulation of vascular tone, energy production and metabolism. Mg is also a vital mediator helping enzymes for various reactions in your body. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness, fatigue and regulates electrolyte balance.

Vitamin D3

It helps maintain strong bones and teeth and aids the normal absorption and utilization of calcium as well as phosphorous. It strengthens the normal functioning of the immune system. The inadequacy of Vitamin D can lead to bone irregularities like soft bones (Osteomalacia in adults) or delicate bones (Osteoporosis). Deficiency of Vitamin D in kids can cause rickets, which results in a seriously bow-legged appearance because of the softening of the bones

Sesame Seed

Rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it helps in strengthening and repairing bones weakened by injury or in cases where the onset of debilitating bone conditions like Osteoporosis has set in


A flavonolignan (Silybin) from the seeds of 'Milk Thistle' (Silybum Marianum), has been widely used since ancient times because of its excellent hepatoprotective action. Because of this, it eliminates chances of hepatic toxicity.

Boswellia Serrata (Shallaki):

Boswellic acids have been shown to improve bone and joint health as well as flexibility. Its active constituent inhibits 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme responsible for inflammation. It does anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic and anti-arthritic activities and also promotes regeneration of the injured sciatic nerve.


Withaferin A, a principal constituent of Ashwagandha, has been found to increase the proliferation of cells that synthesize bone. It promotes bone strengthening, prevents bone loss and osteoporosis, reduces bone damage due to stress and inflammation, aids in bone healing and forms new bones. It may also act as an immunity booster and aphrodisiac. Its benefits include; immunomodulation, combating infectious agents, anti-cancer and anti-epileptic, memory enhancer, promotes good physical and mental health, mood elevator, diuretic, general tonic and rejuvenator, stress reliever, cardiorespiratory endurance enhancer, anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemia and in common an effective adaptogen


1 tablet a day or as directed by physician

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Bioticslab (parent firm of BioticsLife) is a pharmaceutical company that has been in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, proving trustworthiness and credibility through impeccable quality and innovative brilliance. We have established our excellence in products for Critical care, Cardiac and Diabetics, Bone and Joint care. In our purposeful journey to provide sustainable and natural solutions to people, we forayed into the phytopharmaceutical space with Biotics Life. This 'phytoactive' division offers unique formulations with natural extracts that are both safe and effective for long term use. Our continuous R&D and expertise in the field enable us to diversify into core areas of health care viz, Bone and joint care, Liver and Kidney care, Respiratory health, Neuro care, Surgical care and wellness products. The premium quality of our products from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with internationally sourced ingredients offers an unrivalled 2 years shelf life. Our philosophy 'Be Naturally Active' endorses that life should be lived the natural way, and it's only natural to be healthily active. At Biotics Life, we infuse the power of nature into every formulation, gifting you good health, naturally!